Scheduling patients at the new Saint Paul Dermatology Ltd - Innovation and Experience

August 19, 2018
Saint Paul Dermatology Ltd is scheduling patients in both the Saint Paul and Brooklyn Park locations. Dr Papaps and the staff combine expereince and innovation to offer superior dermatolologic care in a personal and professional environment.  Call now to schedule 952.373.4123
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The Changing Face of Dematology, with Tasso Pappas

January 15, 2018
It is quite clear that Dr. Tasso Pappas loves being a part of the Dermatology profession. Part of that is evident when he likens his role as an experienced dermatologist to that of an experienced detective. He feels that a dermatologist must always solve difficult mysteries and discover effective with solutions to serious medical conditions by finding out everything he can about the patients. One thing he likes about dermatology if the opportunity to render care for patients of all ages, sizes and types and that many of the conditions he cures make a major positive difference in the lives of his patients.

Dr. Tasso Pappas also appreciated the challenges provided by dermatology. After all, that area of medicine is among the few for which physicians must understand everything there is to know about each patient and their medical history. It is at least as important as understanding the actual medical and physiological facts and the surrounding science. That is because, above everything else, dermatology is very a very individualized medical discipline.
Dr. Tasso Pappas is a dermatologist who practices his profession out of Skin Care Doctors, located in Burnsville, Minnesota.